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& polymer to increase strength during wet use. Ink is used on printed towels. We're sorry to hear about the fire. Hope you're okay!-1 year 14 weeks ago
Bounty towels are made of processed wood pulp from hardwood & softwood trees. Adhesive is added to hold the plies together (cont)-1 year 14 weeks ago
These coupons are so hot right now! year 14 weeks ago
Who's your best friend the morning after you host a party?-1 year 14 weeks ago
Friends who spill together, stay together! #BestFriendsDay year 14 weeks ago

We’re excited to share that Cook's Illustrated has named us their most recommended paper towel brand! Whether it comes to absorbency, strength, or durability – we’ve got you covered. #QuickerPickerUpper
Paper Towels
about 1 week ago
Hey Bounty Hunters – if your #ForceFriday is messy, the Quicker Picker Upper is here to help!
about 2 weeks 5 days ago
We're ready to help clean up in Houston. Our mobile relief team, powered by Matthew 25 Ministries, is on its way. Once emergency operations have concluded, we will distribute care packages filled with P&G products to help families
about 3 weeks ago

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